Innovation and know-how in Aviation

AirProfit Software reflects the long experience in aviation business. Within minutes commercial people may plan and calculate new flights, destinations, rotations and loss or profit of the new planning.

A continual market presence and an extensive network of contacts in the industry enable early recognition of market trends and niches, thus guaranteeing an innovative, tailor-made product.

This Software is designed for Network planners, Commercial specialists and Marketing staff of airlines. With the aim of providing expertise and know-how in the field of aviation, in particular in the regional aviation sector.

Daniel Steffen
C.E.O. & Founder:

If you need aviation competence and know-how at short notice, do not hesitate to call AirBusiness Consultants. We take care of you!

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With AirProfit you are allways up-to-date about your possibilities and space for new ideas. Perfect for conferences like Routes, ERA, Slot Conferences etc. And the Price? Sensational: EUR 500 per single license. Special needs? We customize our Software to your wishes. Test now.

In the field of business travel, we have access to a wide palette of aircraft which we can offer to clients at very favourable rates. These are of course piloted solely by professional pilots and maintained by Swiss companies. We offer flights to all major European trade fairs, in a private aircraft and from all Swiss and foreign airports. With our long experience in the aviation industry, we can give you any assistance for: Brainstormings Business Plans Market Research Airline Airport Marketing. AirBusiness Consultants is a well established company in the Swiss market. Our GSA clients are profiting from our outstanding know-how of the Swiss travel market.

Airline business consulting services

The best way to help your airline company improve its business is to sign a partnership with a professional consulting firm that will invest all its knowledge and experience into the progress of your financial data and profit expectations. These types of contracts offer the best investment in the long term.

By using management consulting assessment you get closer to your goals and farther away from a possible bad investment. In doing so, you have access to a wide range of tools and services that the consultants put at your disposal. Here are just a few of them.

Business Assessment and Customer Centricity - In this particular area, the consulting firm places your clients as the main priority and considers them the catalyst of your profit. It takes a professional team to survey them and find out their flight reasons. Most of your customers are people who are on the lookout for a good party in Europe, maybe some sex Zürich fun or an island festival like those you seen on By knowing their true intents, the consultants can provide you with a plan to improve the services you offer to such clients.

Pricing Management Consulting – Not all travelers who choose to fly to their destination line up at your airline’s desk. For various reasons some of them never bring their business to your door. It is the job of your consulting partners to discover these reasons and find out if your fares are not too pricy for them. There are cases when couples or even lone travelers are just looking for a fun activity to do over the weekend, whether they plan on going to a concert, a night of sex Zürich divertissement or just a party in the north, they will choose the most convenient price alternative for them. In this case, your consultants can come with special pricing packages that will make your airline more attractive.

Fleet Planning – As an airline company with little experience you will soon find out that having your own fleet is not enough. You need to have partnerships established with other companies and even with services that secure private planes. Every now and then, a famous celebrity will ask you for a special service, like renting a private jet to travel anonymously for a night of sex Zürich entertainment, and you will have to please them. Not having a flying vessel ready will result in bad reputation among the people in the entertainment industry.

Crew Management – Your staff is the first image of your company that most customers come in contact with when they have to fly somewhere. A consulting partner can help you pick only the best professionals in the business that will treat your clients with utmost respect and kindness. You do not want to have your stewards or your pilots suddenly quitting their job and stopping for a quick break of sex in Zürich or laying on the beach. You will need them to be always on time and offering a clean picture of your airline business.